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Becoming a driver is easy. Submit your application to be selected by an advertiser. To be considered for selection, please provide the most accurate information possible. Advertisers pay more to drivers who commute more miles during the week and on the weekends. It’s also important for the advertiser to know where their advertisement will be. The places you travel most during the week, as well as where you typically park are all important factors in determining how much they will pay you. Keep in mind that if you were an advertiser, you would want as much visibility as possible.  Our advertisers are willing to pay for that visibility, and they’re looking for the right people.  Simply fill out and submit the application to the left.


e Wrapped


Having your vehicle wrapped is simple.  We have an experienced team of professionals who take supreme care in prepping and wrapping vehicles.  We set up everything giving you a worry free experience.  You may have your entire vehicle wrapped, or simply the back windshield.  At the end of the marketing campaign, your wrap will be professionally removed allowing you to sign up with another advertiser if you so choose. Special priorities and incentives are given to drivers who have previously completed campaigns with us.


ollect Cash


Getting paid is the best part.  Simply snap a picture of your vehicle and odometer, send it to us, and we’ll release your monthly funds. We have numerous payment options, but we highly recommend PayPal as it is the standard in online payments. For more information on becoming a driver, having your vehicle wrapped, or getting paid, please visit the answers section of mobile ad wrap.

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