QHow will I be paid?


The money that you earn will be transferred to you via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, get started here. Every month we require a picture of your vehicle and odometer before funds are released.  We may require additional information per advertiser request.


QHow many miles do I have to drive per month?


The more miles you drive, the better. Our advertisers typically look for people who drive over 1,000 miles a month. However, if you drive to special weekly events like church, sporting events, or music festivals, then you may be a great brand ambassador for certain products. Also, if you happen to park in a location that has a lot of traffic, please let us know so that we can better place you with an advertiser.


QWhat if my car is out of commission/in the shop?


Inform mobile ad wrap within 24 hours if your car is going to be off of the road for repairs or work.  We will assess your situation and make the necessary arrangements.


QWill I have to promote a product I don’t like?


Absolutely not. Mobile ad wrap’s goal is to place you with an advertiser whose products and services you truly like. The more you like an advertiser, the more willing you will be to talk about them with friends, family, and acquaintences.  The more you talk about them (and showcase them with your vehicle) the more effective the advertising. This in turn puts more money in your pocket. People will ask you about your vehicle wrap, so be prepared to have an answer for them.


QDo I get paid more for driving to conventions/concerts/events?


Some advertisers are looking to promote products, services, and causes at specific events. If you are willing to follow an advertiser’s guidelines for promotional events, you may receive priority over other applicants and you could be paid more.


QHow does this affect my taxes?


Once you are matched with an advertiser and have your vehicle wrapped, you will be considered an independent contractor. This means that you will fill out a 1099 form for tax purposes. Don’t worry, mobile ad wrap will send you a campaign packet that has all necessary documentation.


QWill the wrap or stickers damage my car?


Absolutely not. Vehicle wraps are made of a special kind of vinyl specifically designed for application on cars without damaging paint or body during installation and removal.


QAre all models and years of vehicles accepted?


Mobile ad wrap is interested in all kinds of cars and trucks to use as advertising platforms.  The main requirement for advertisers is that the vehicle be in good external condition.  This means that the vehicle can’t have dents or major scratches and it’s preferred that the vehicle have the original paint job for wrap application purposes.


QWhere do I take my vehicle to have it wrapped and how long will it take?


Mobile ad wrap has convenient, easy-to-find facilities near major shopping centers and airports. Installs and removals typically take between 1 and 3 hours depending on the complexity of the wrap.


QWhat if I have an accident and the vinyl wrap is damaged?


If your car wrap vinyl has become damaged during the course of your campaign agreement, please notify Mobile Ad Wrap within 24 hours. We will arrange a meeting to evaluate the damage on the vinyl and make necessary arrangements to repair or replace it. Always remember to drive carefully, your life is more important than getting somewhere fast.


QWhen will I be selected?


Applying with Mobile Ad Wrap doesn’t guarantee that you will be selected in any particular amount of time. Your application indicates your interest in seeing the full terms of an advertiser’s campaign agreement. By completing the driver’s application, you are in no way obligated to Mobile Ad Wrap or our affiliates. If you are selected by an advertiser, you will receive an email outlining the advertising campaign agreement. At this time you may choose to accept or refuse to participate in the campaign.


QCan I participate in more than one campaign?


At the end of any given ad campaign, you may have the option to be immediately selected by another advertiser. Special priorities and incentives are given to drivers who have previously completed campaigns with us.

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